Will he keep Russia a Popsicle? Than Western ice-cream is different from Russian

the Owner of American ice cream Eskimo Pie said that will change the brand name, which is about a hundred years, due to the derogatory meaning of the word for the Eskimos.

“at First the Americans it was a publicity stunt to manufacturer thereby has caused the interest of consumers”, — such opinion was expressed on air of TV channel “Russia 1” Vice-President of group of companies “Clean line” Armen Beniaminov. According to him, there is a significant difference between ice-cream in Russia and America.

“Because we originally ice cream was called “Eskimo”, and the Americans — “Eskimo”, that’s the name of the people. According to GOST of the Russian Federation, we the name can not change. For us, “Eskimo” is ice cream on a stick coated in chocolate. As for Americans, they “Eskimo” is a kind of ice cream: cups, bars, briquettes, ice cream cones,” — said the expert.

Armen Beniaminov sees no contradiction and considers boyish:

“it’s no secret that the United States is a young country and the young are characterized by vacillation. I just heard that in new York city removed the statue of President Roosevelt — the man who, in fact, made America. In my opinion, it’s just the attributes of youthful maximalism, when sways from right to left and Vice versa.”

the Specialist said that in 2007, when the “Clean line” just came on the market, it has released a Popsicle as very first ice cream:

“the Whole management of the company, managers, owners remember that magnificent incomparable taste of childhood. Today it is the philosophy of our company. We make the ice cream, which is eaten in the Soviet childhood”.

At the same time Armen Beniaminov noted that the industrial ice-cream production in large scale started in America: “the Pioneers in this are the Americankantsy. It is no secret that on Stalin’s orders, flew to the United States Mikoyan, brought back technology, and we started to do the real ice cream natural cream and oil. And in the United States and Europe began to promote the cult of the consumption of vegetable fats, the so-called sterols, which are quite useful for people.”

Specialist highlighted that the Western ice cream is much different in taste from Russian: “Ice cream should leave the mouth a pleasant sensation of a quality product and not the film, which is a result of sterols”.

“Americans in the pursuit of profit left in the vegetable segment. And our ice cream in the world is still in great demand”, — said Armen Beniaminov.

Previously, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported that the American company Dreyer”s going to change the name of your ice cream Eskimo Pie, as it is a “derogatory term” for the indigenous peoples of Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Siberia.
the Mass protests after the death of a detainee by the police in Minneapolis African American George Floyd forced the company to take extraordinary and unexpected solutions.