With chlorine, but without bacteria: Roskoshestvo checked the chicken

Roskoshestvo conducted research chicken 15 brands to find traces of chlorine and antibiotics a number of manufacturers.

was Investigated fillet price categories: from 225 to 350 rubles per pack antibiotics, growth hormones, water-retaining components, microbiological safety and nutritional value.

Chloroform not detected in 6 of 15 brands, “Yaroslavsky broiler”, “Blagoyar”, Alfoor, “prioskolye”, “Mosselprom”, “Rococo”. In other commodities discovered chloroform in amounts correlated with the ratios of chlorine-containing substances in the drinking water.

10 products found traces of antibiotics. For the two of them there is an inscription on the label “No antibiotics.” We are talking about products “Coswell” and “Troekurovo”. In addition, traces of the antibiotic was found in one of the products are marked as Halal.

meanwhile, in the investigated products was not detected Listeria, Salmonella, bacteria E. coli. All declared on the label information coincides with the contents.

Chlorine is dangerous for the human body, as a result of processing of chlorine-containing solutions on the skin of the carcass formed carcinogens. Russia in 2010 banned the use of chlorine for cooling of poultry carcasses.