With Silvio Berlusconi figured out on orders from above

a huge scandal in Italy. In the spotlight — former Prime Minister, 83-year-old Silvio Berlusconi and the entire judicial system of the Italian Republic. In 2013 for tax evasion associated with his Mediaset company, the policy was sentenced to four years in prison, but due to old age, the conclusion was replaced by a year of community service. Berlusconi was also banned for seven years to hold public office and to run for the legislature.

five years Later the Supervisory court of Milan, Berlusconi in the Mediaset case fully rehabilitated, and the former Prime Minister could be elected to the European Parliament. But now a new scandalous details of the court. It turns out that the fate of Berlusconi in 2013, decided according to the law, and on orders from above. There is evidence in the form of audiotapes with the revelations of the recently deceased judge.

the Collection of signatures on the people’s square started in July 4 in the morning. The Italians are demanding the return of Berlusconi what he was deprived illegally, the title of Senator. But with compensation systems “for life”. With the verdict in the Mediaset case, not everything went smoothly, but guess is one thing, but to hear the Declaration of the judge, the words “order,” “shame,” “excuse me” is another. The record – seven years, Berlusconi paid for everything. But better late than never: a piece of record published journal Riformista.

– Why the record was not opened during seven years, it’s so important?

Out of respect for the judge Amedeo Franco. Out of respect to the shock that she experienced this man when I learned about how to rewrite the sentence. Silvio Berlusconi did not allow his lawyers to use this account for as long as Amedeo Franco did not, — said Deborah Bergamini, Director Riformista, member of the Italian Parliament.

the Account that can start the procedure of revision of the judgment made in 2013. It was a meeting in Palazzo Grazioli, it asked the judge to Franco after being convicted Prigovora. Silvio Berlusconi has long disagreed — this was the most difficult period in his life, he wanted to quit everything – business, politics and devote themselves to humanitarian missions in Africa. Persuaded relatives. They turned on the recorder, because it is important to finish all unfinished business.

Full record is already in the Strasbourg Court of human rights. It’s all there: names, names. One of them is the President of the court of Antonio Esposito who assured colleague Franco to forget about conscience. Esposto have had problems with the son, the son with drugs. Family problems is a weak spot, the surest way to hit those who do justice.

Silvio Berlusconi will not ask compensation about this from he wrote in an open letter to the journal Riformista — but voters should know the truth about how removed from politics last elected Prime Minister.

“We filed a lawsuit, and it’s certainly not going to give me anything, but will help to restore the historical truth. And will shed light on the distortions and anomalies in the judicial system of Italy and distortions in democracy,” said Berlusconi.

Berlusconi never gave up. A brilliant entrepreneur about his flair was legendary. Bright politicians, who fall in love with half of Italy in the ‘ 90s, when he decided to try to change the country. He is one of those Prime Ministers who never hurry on the Quirinal hill with petitions. The record for the number of mandates. The last of the Mohicans of European politics, the ally and friend of Russia. That is Berlusconi himself is still a novice in politics — in your Prime Minister’s first term in 1994, Russia sat at the table of the “big seven”. Love for Russia is one of its drawbacks, and they have a lot of Berlusconi: the experience – money, and hence, independence. How many times it tried to resolve.

“I am the most persecuted politician in the world” — this Berlusconi told in a big interview TV channel “Russia-1” in 2017, at his Villa in Arcore. He stayed there for a few years immediately after the verdict, went into a nursing home, where he worked year — prison term because of age replaced strabotomy.

70 processes, but that the verdict in the Mediaset case, Berlusconi dislodged from the policy. It is a proven method in the modern world through the media, social networks. The prosecution is already like a death sentence. It will take years to prove innocence. The justice in Europe is not fast: you will meet, but you’re already retired instead to lead the country.

Strauss-Kahn charges maid at the Sofitel in new York in harassment cost the presidency. When closed the criminal case, it was too late to make a claim.

Helmut Kohl was forced to resign from the post of honorary Chairman of the CDU in connection with the investigation on illegal financing of the party.

Francois Fillon was also embossed scandal — in 2017, he became a candidate for the French presidency from the center-right, but the whole campaign went awry amid allegations of bogus recruiting a parliamentary assistant to his wife.

Back after these custom-made performances difficult, but possible. Silvio Berlusconi a year ago, became a MEP, he was voted most Italians.

rules require a retrial, the creation of the parliamentary Commission and the election — early – Recalling that the latter is not technical, not assigned, and a popularly elected Prime Minister was Silvio Berlusconi.

every secret ever becomes clear. Even after seven years it is hoped to reach the customer to an assassination. Judge Franco is dead, but there’s his confession, and at the meeting with Berlusconi was attended by his colleagues, who continue to administer justice in Italy.

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