With the Count's quay in the sea floated paper boats in memory of the beginning of the war

Today is a tragic date in the history of our country — the day of the great Patriotic war. The action “Candle of memory” was launched in Sevastopol, in 3 hours 13 minutes — at a time when the city dropped the first bomb.

according to information service “News.Sevastopol”, aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, at the memorial of Heroic defense of 1941-42 from 15 thousand small lights volunteers have put the figure of the sailor with the paintings of Alexander Deineka “defense of Sevastopol”, the year of the beginning of the war and the word “Remember”. To light a candle in memory of those who fell in those terrible years could anyone.

the black sea city one of the first bombed. Starting from June 22, it was bombed almost constantly. As told Irina Glotova, Chairman of the regional public organization “people of besieged Sevastopol 1941-1942.”, people had all the time to hide in the tunnels, and caves, but there was no panic. All believe in the future victory.

on 21 June 1941, Soviet students celebrated graduation and making plans for the future. In memory of those who went to the front who never returned home after the battles at dawn today with the Count’s quay in the sea, dozens of paper boats. Citizens wrote their dreams and wishes.

the head of the city and black sea fleet commander Igor Osipov also took part in the action. The acting Governor also laid flowers on the street beach (formerly Piedmont), where German mine killed 18 civilians — the first victims of the war in Sevastopol. As noted by Michael Razvozhaev, the bombardment of the city began sixty minutes before the official start of the war, three in the morning. The price of our Victory are high, and the pain does not let go even after 75 years, he said.

Text: GTRK Sevastopol