With the spade on the flowers: famous athlete in spite of the neighbors destroyed the flowerbed in the yard

One of the yards in the Khoroshevsky district of the capital turned into a battlefield. A cosy front garden, which is his own money to equip a local resident, barbarously demolished. And did it not vandals, and the former handball player of Russian national team and Olympic medalist Michael Chipurin with his wife.

This is not an international handball tournament, and a bronze Olympic medalist Michael Chipurin not with the ball, and with a shovel, but the audience tensely watching what is happening and filmed everything on mobile phones.

the Ex-handball player, with a persistence worthy of a professional athlete, roots flowers. His wife also demonstrates excellent physical shape — stroke leg kicks a wooden pergola, accompanying all selective Mat.

the Reason for this is not sporting behavior became a birdbath. Decorative pond decided to equip the local resident Tatyana Neklyudova, who oversees the garden. Capacity I bought for myself, got permission in the “not Yet”. But Chipurina changes in the landscape did not like, and the hole he decided to bury it. The land they took from the neighboring flower beds.

“the Flowers are now buried, you see, that’s where they are, he had them buried,” complains Tatiana Neklyudova.

the Heroes of a controversial movie — a family Chepurnyh — has, however, no shovels, overlook the courtyard. His action is explained by the fear for children. Like, a sandpit near the site to be designated in the pond and play here will be dangerous.

“what I saw the residents of the house, I understand their reaction to it. They saw a madman, who was digging turf. I perfectly understand them, I fully agree with them. I originally told everyone that I buried the pond, that no child, falling there, would not break nor hand, nor foot, nor the neck,” says Michael Chipurin.

for the Sake of the children worked and the wife. Says a wooden fence with vine in the way.

– the Child runs away, do you see anything? I — no.

– Not very beautifulin break a leg!

– Not very nice not to consider the opinions of other people. You could queue to wait?

And all really came together, and, as Chepurnyh of the opponents and their supporters.

“the Fact that there is formed a trough for birds, it is harmless, and utopnut there just impossible,” — says Victoria Ianova.

we Talked a long time, but nothing came. The utility kept neutral, but promised to rebuild the flower bed.

“Flowers and perennial, and annuals — planted in the framework of the annual flower design district. Accordingly, we will restore them in the near future”, — said Anna Melamud, engineer Department of public works GBU “zhilischnik Khoroshevsky district.”

the Damage, told in “the Agency”, is quite small. But the matter has already gone to the police, the neighbors wrote each other statements.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”