With trips to intensive care in Moscow marked a record surge in allergies

In Moscow recorded a record surge in allergies. The concentration of pollen in the air 10 out of 10 points. Such a strong flowering in the city was not already 30 years. Now every walk for Allergy sufferers may end up in intensive care.

Christina won’t go outside. Allergic to grains escalated.

“Choke, very hard for me to breathe,” — says the girl.

After each walk — antihistamine and an inhaler.

“We called the ambulance, me injections or do I just take some drugs,” continues Christine.

her sister Alina’s problem is the same. It is worth to briefly go outside, and begins”

“it took literally five minutes and everything — eyes, nose, sneezing,” lists allergic reactions the girls ‘ mother Irina Nasypowa.

wearing gloves, mask and goggles Igor Kaynov goes to fight the grass near the house.

“this year, the grass which I’m allergic, blooms with unusual force, — said Igor. — It is almost in human growth. It’s just an anomaly, now it is a real threat to life.”

And that’s no exaggeration. Allergy is a genetic fault, due to which the body aggressively respond to seemingly innocuous things. For example, the smallest particles of pollen grains.

“the Most dangerous thing is when he goes into anaphylactic shock — says head of the Department of Allergology at the Institute of nutrition, Professor Vera Revyakina. — When it dramatically decreases the pressure, lose consciousness. And if you man does not have at this time there’s an emergency that can be fatal”.

the Peak of flowering of cereals in 2019 fell on 6 June, peak flowering of cereals in 2020, from 26 to 28 June.

Cool spring moved the timing of the formation of pollen and grasses, the Timothy, the bluegrass and fescue. But now they blossomed significantly more powerful than usual.

“These grasses now in bloom and very abundant. Conditions, warehouseyaytsa favourable for the formation of a large number of side shoots,” says associate Professor of agrobiological Department of Agrarian technological Institute of PFUR Valentine presentation.

Instead of a single shoot grows two. Each pollen Matures. Hot. Dry. Windy. The nightmare of allergies!

“Never has there been such that they caused such a strong reaction. And this is the first season that is unique when in principle the usual high concentration of pollen grains cause such a sharp reaction of the people,” adds the founder of the project “Pollen club” Pavel Baskakov.

This unusually painful reaction to the pollen of gramineous doctors explain that due to the intense rains in the early summer allergies almost did not notice painful for them, the flowering period of birch, and rapid flowering herbs at the end of June was a complete surprise.

Is allergic to, say, nest. If here will be the allergies, it is likely to end up in the hospital.

Now in the Metropolitan air concentrations of pollen have reached a critical 10 points out of a possible 10. You can get into the intensive care unit just a walk in the yard. But there is a solution.

“the Mowing grass is an effective way to reduce Allergy to pollen grains, — said Deputy head of information-analytical Department of the state budgetary establishment “mosekomonitoring Alena Gavrilenko. But it is very important that we need to mow before the grass spikelet opens, fly allergenic pollen”.

So in the eternal debate is to mow the lawn or not — appears to have finally come to an end.