Without masks and gloves on Board will not be allowed: the airline has introduced new rules

Masks and gloves throughout the flight. On Board has a special Seating chart. The Russian airline has introduced new rules for transportation. Now every passenger will measure the temperature in the cabin will not be able to walk, and even for security purposes revised even side menu.

Halfway there — from Gelendzhik, where you work, in Moscow and home to Simferopol. Alexander and Elena fly often. But this flight was special.

“she dropped us off on the buses. 15 people in the cabin. The bus doors did not open, while standing in front of them people were not on the plane,” — says Elena Alexeika.

on the plane, filled to a third, special Seating arrangements.

“Ahead — blank range. Everyone sat through the place,” explains the passengers of this flight.

the return flight to Magadan flying from Vladikavkaz Vitaly. Also with a connection.

“told us, without masks, gloves in General no one came”, — says Vitaly Tasoev.

And is it checked?

“not Even ran inside” — meets Vitali.

– And if someone didn’t come without a mask, what then?

“There are masks, gloves, please dress and come,” adds Vitaly Tasoev.

– You have been warned do as you need to prepare for the flight?

“Yes,” answers passira.


“Masks, gloves to have. And then if that replacement will be given,” replied the woman.

Instead of ads on the screen — precautions. Packer Luggage offers a new service — all surfaces are thoroughly treated.

– How often should this be done?

“Every half hour”, — the employee of the Sheremetyevo airport.

All the terminals anyway and airports now look like, very few people, but a complete willingness and a distance marking a meter and a half talking about that hereü expect serious passenger traffic.

For airports established uniform rules. And one wish — contactless services.

“First of all, there is a mandatory absolute temperature measurement of all visitors at the entrance to the terminal. Also in the terminal building have station hand disinfection. Technology platform Domodedovo airport allows you to provide touch-free operation through the use of e-boarding pass”. – explains a press-the Secretary of Domodedovo airport Alexander Vlasov.

On the plane without a mask and gloves will not be allowed. Every three hours they need to change — the flight attendants are ready to provide passengers with all the remedy. Outerwear — top rack only. And all plethoric indicator “Fasten your seatbelts”.

“necessarily, we will check the temperature of each passenger. And in the case that it will exceed 37 degrees, the passenger, unfortunately the Board will not be tolerated! Free movement around the cabin will be prohibited with the exception of a visit to the dressing rooms.” – emphasizes a press-the Secretary “Aeroflot” Julia Spivakova.

So in the new conditions at the airport is better to arrive early is strongly recommended in airlines.

“a Significant increase in the time of airport procedures should not be expected. However, we recommend that their passengers arrive before the scheduled departure time, and maximize the use of online services”, — stressed the head of airport services Department passenger experience UTair Igor Dubin.

Handle and the plane. Disinfection of the cabin is now part of the preflight preparation. Then processing will continue with the Explorer during the voyage, he shall thoroughly clean all surfaces.

“We now have a practice in a phased boarding. First, those who have places in the rear of the cabin. After those who have seats in the front of the plane, to avoid this, if you place in the beginning of the salon, then by pass all other”, — adds a press-Secretary S7 Hope haitova.

What will be the scale of tourist arrivals 2020 — is not clear. But the direction is clear: the choice is made in favor of the domestic travelers.