Work on the removal of the Russians from abroad will continue

Russia will continue to export from abroad of all its citizens who want to return Home, assured the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Of course it’s Russians ‘ return home will occur in compliance with all sanitary rules, said the head of state at a meeting with participants of the all-Russian action “We are together”, which was broadcast channel “Russia 24”.

meanwhile, Putin noted that the work on return of Russians will continue, given that the situation with the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 still changing from the best.

the Hero of Russia Damir Yusupov, planted in a cornfield passenger plane “Ural airlines”, the engines of which were birds, noted that 50 thousand Russians remain abroad, and get to export flight not easy, as such flights are recorded only residents of certain regions.

Damir Yusupov asked the President to order on export flights were recorded all Russians regardless the region where they live.

“All of our citizens who are abroad, carry in, say, Moscow to Moscow was very difficult — in response, the head of the Russian state. Because everyone had to be placed for 14 days in quarantine. Even in Moscow did not have such amount of relevant agencies, where there can be thousands of people at almost the same time to place in 14 days.”

Therefore, Putin said, the government took the decision to evacuate citizens in the regions, taking into account the epidemiological situation and the readiness of medsistemy for the quarantine.

“But you are certainly right, we can’t its citizens abroad to write. Therefore, this work will be continued, — said the President of Russia. — And given the fact that what is in each region specifically, decisions will be made and remaining until overseas citizens.”