Work out the bumps more than 70 years: an expert about a possible U.S. attack on Russia

Last week was a record of the activity of the flights of strategic aviation in the Arctic. This frequency of their visits there was not observed since the Cold war. On 18 June a couple of bombers B-2A U.S. air force held maneuvers in cooperation with the Norwegian aviation in the Arctic. And on June 19 over neutral waters of the sea of Okhotsk was discovered and taken to support a couple of bombers-52N United States air force. To intercept them in the air rose the su-30, su-35 and MiG-31.

North — the most important strategic direction, explained in an interview with “Izvestia” Russian military expert Vladislav Shurigin. Americans, he said, work out the application of air strikes over the North pole more than 70 years. Through the Arctic is the shortest distance from the USA to strategic, political and economic regions of Central Russia, the Urals and Siberia.

due to high density air defense of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries to get from Europe to the Urals American bombers could not. After USSR firmly blocked the direction of the Arctic air defense systems, the United States moved to cruise missiles, said Shurygin.

“Until now, the main task of all types of strategic bombers, the U.S. — run them to the entrance to the zone of actions of the Russian air defense. This element is fulfilled now,” said the expert.

the more Frequent appearance of American bombers in this area means increasing the level of their combat training. However, Russian strategic aviation is able to adequately answer our pilots work out such action during flights in Northern latitudes.

for Example, recently four Russian strategic bomber Tu-95MS conducted a planned flight over the waters of the Chukchi, Bering, Okhotsk seas and the Pacific ocean. In the air combat vehicle has spent 11 hours, reported June 17, the press service of the defense Ministry. In some parts of the route of the Russians was accompanied by the IPconsumer F-22 Raptor, the U.S. air force.

#Video, Four strategic missile #Ту95МС long-range aviation #videoconferencing carried out planned 11-hour flight over neutral waters of the Chukchi, Bering, Okhotsk seas and North Pacific ocean #BBC #Balneaire #F22 #of WSSA #Planovaya

— the Ministry of defence (@mod_russia) June 17, 2020