June 6 — the birthday of Alexander Pushkin and Russian language Day, a special role which is now available to prescribe in the Constitution.

Pushkin read and cherish throughout the country, including in Buryatia. The national library received a new building. Modern cold storage is one and a half million copies. On account and every book, and every ruble.

“On the construction of a new library building and modern equipment thanks to your support was allocated 615 million rubles”, — appealed to the President of the country the head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov.

“No, according to my data, billion 200 million. If you say 600, where 400 million?” — asked Vladimir Putin.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, we still have an old building renovation. But new we have built, commissioned, fully staffed. You are absolutely the exact figure is known,” Tsydenov said.

“John Chrysostom” published by the Moscow printing house in 1641, and a sample of the old Mongolian written language — unique volumes are combined with digital technology.

“Thanks to the new equipment commissioned during construction, readers around the world can use the services of the library and its unique collections,” — said Alexey Tsydenov.

Inseparable from the Pushkin and the language in which to communicate to millions.

“Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is not only a treasure of Russian and world culture. He recognized, you know this better than anyone else, the founder of modern Russian language, the state language of the Russian Federation”, — said Vladimir Putin.

the Relevance of Pushkin not only in its lines. There is no such place in the country where would not know this name.

For many kind of tradition — to come June 6, the monument to Alexander Pushkin in the centre of Moscow, on Pushkintion of the square. The great poet remembered today across the country. Reread the poems. Discuss literary heritage. The conversation certainly comes and how to preserve Russian language. Today, this issue is directly connected with the amendments to the Constitution.

In the distant Buryatia is well understood.

“If we lose their traditions, their cultural foundations, we lose our national identity. And particularly timely, in my opinion, the inclusion in the fundamental law of our country’s amendments, the obligation of the state to protect the cultural identity of all peoples of our country. Of course, I support the idea of constitutional fixing of guarantees of protection and support of culture of the state. It is very important for us,” — said Garmaeva Lyudmila, Director of the National library of Buryatia.

“We cherish our unique heritage in all its diversity. I have said many times, this is the greatness of the power of Russia, in diversity, traditions, customs. The language of each people, each ethnic group is absolutely invaluable wealth of Russia. Our common duty is to preserve and increase it,” — said the President.

speaking of the preservation of the language join Pushkin hills – a unique Museum reserve. “You said on the amendment to the Constitution, where the Russian language is referred to as the national. It says that the languages of Russia’s peoples is no less important, they are saved. It’s very Pushkinskaya”, — said the Director Georgy Vasilevich.

In Pushkinskaya says almost the entire country. Near the Admiralty needle, near the monument to the great poet near the Russian Museum, poetry was recited, and the Governor of the Northern capital Alexander Beglov.

Pushkin, of course, a reread and self-isolation. The epidemic has become a challenge for theatres and museums. But the culture is included in the list of industries that have received state support. Putin connects to the discussion the head of the Ministry of culture, which also recently underwent Coronavirus.

the Museums will have to follow the rules of hygiene, to disinfect the air. Need to purchase equipment, and money has been difficult.

“There is a request to reimburse the expense of means of budgets of corresponding levels for the part dropped out of extra-budgetary income of institutions of culture, which was headed for salaries and mandatory payments: utilities, security, preservation of cultural heritage, conservation and preservation of the Museum Fund. For the Museum these are very important questions,” said Georgy Vasilevich.

“Soon lost income, all that relates to your institution, we hope, will be solved, you will be able to work in your usual form, given a number of items which will be agreed with CPS. Please note, at the beginning of next week these rules will appear, and, of course, relevant Department of the Ministry all the information will bring to you,” assured the Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova.

a Very difficult and theater companies, including the Mariinsky unsurpassed. Halls — no spectators.

“If they will still be vacant three months from the former glory of the ensembles of the Mariinsky theatre can remain very little. I say this with anxiety. I think we need to find opportunities to speak. It is asked, sometimes even aggressively, and the singers, and the orchestra of ballet, it can not be a ballerina to save the form, not can good to keep in mind the Opera at five or six languages,” — said the artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev.

Completely I share your concern. We all want all of our teams — the Big and Mariinsky theatre — all started to work fully and as quickly as possible. But to the singer to sing it needs to breathe, and the lung involvement in 75% and 80% is very difficult. After working today at all costs week two, losing efficiency and profession for the rest of my life would be very sad. About touring abroad. You smoothingasaut the Italians, I’d be happy if you go to Italy, they just now announced it, all other European countries are closed to citizens of the Russian Federation. The same applies to the United States,” — said Vladimir Putin.

But, knowing how painful a forced pause to the leading theaters of the country, Putin itself refers to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova: “Anna, as you read, how fast they could move artists to direct the work?”

“the Main thing is health. First, the health of artists, first, the health of citizens of the Russian Federation. We prepare, prescribe rules, we begin to understand how we will work according to these rules. We very much hope that we will be able to start a new season is usually mid-September. It is our present hope — said Popov. — Try to find the middle ground, if it is possible to find, but only in strict observance of the principle at the heart of health people.”

“of Course, of course, is at the forefront needs to be the principle about which we talk all the time lately. The health and lives of our citizens — in the first place. It is an absolute priority. Absolute value. The only thing we all ask is to avoid excessive zabyurokracheno in making these decisions,” Putin said.

Rospotrebnadzor has developed rules for the cinema and film industry. Preparing standards for museums. Furthermore, tickets that have been purchased — and their nearly 7 million — will not be lost.

“people Have two options: either obtain the money for tickets to events that were cancelled during a pandemic, or, if an excursion or a concert, or a play is transferred to another date, when it will be all right, offered a voucher for the same service but on different date, and — most importantly – without any surcharges. And once the region will emerge from the alert, will be another six months in order to give citizens money for the cancelled events,” assured Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Chairman of the government.

Pushkin was not only a great layer of culture. Through it and Russia is opening quite different.

“Dad was an adviser to the state Department. Adviser to two presidents. I grew up, I’m at school believed that Russia — the evil Empire. Feared that the Soviet would be a blow to the Bronx with a rocket. I really thought so. I changed their attitudes through the language, through music, through literature, through wonderful films,” admitted a translator, poet, playwright Julian Henry Lowenfeld. The UN many years to translate Pushkin into English. “I have a lot of ideas of how best to promote the wonderful Russian films. And inexpensive,” said Lowenfeld.

“be Sure to discuss your proposal and we will do everything in order to realize your best ideas. Thank you very much. As for your comment about the fact that it is inexpensive, I think, to the promotion of Russian culture, Russian language and Pushkin’s legacy money we have, despite the fall in oil prices. Moreover, are these prices already rising,” — said Vladimir Putin.

And how important is for the translator to convey Pushkin’s optimism, the seclusion in Boldino due to quarantine — then cholera raged — was a period of creative enthusiasm – “Boldino autumn”.

“In a letter to Pletnev, he wrote: “would we be alive, ever and hilarious.” I would like to wish for these days when we’re all cheerful, as soon as possible,” said Sergei Nekrasov, Director of the Russian Museum of A. S. Pushkin, honored art worker of the Russian Federation.

“Good. We are alive, so we whenanything and fun. This is a very good slogan,” — said the head of state.

And now begins preparations for the Grand date. In 2024 will mark 225 years since the birth of genius. The government will support all the Pushkin museums. In addition, a digital resource devoted to the poet.