Wrestlers from Georgia and Ukraine fought on tournament in Turkey

in a Mass brawl ended with one of the fights on the big a wrestling tournament in Turkey. The representative of Georgia Zurab Arbanassi and Hassan Zakhariev, who plays for Ukraine during the battle had an argument in their conflict interfered with the representatives of both teams.

Arbanassi and Zakhariev, acting in the weight category up to 79 kg, fought for the top prize, and during the match first began to insult each other, and then staged a Boxing match, reports Karate.Ru. On the carpet immediately jumped out the seconds and trainers of the fighters who staged a mass brawl, which with great difficulty managed to extinguish the organizers. The fighters were eventually disqualified.

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Semifinal meeting up to 79кг Arbanassi Zurab (Georgia) — Hasan Zachariev (Ukraine) is disqualified for fighting

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