Writer Anatoly Trushkin buried on the Mitinsky cemetery

At the Mitino cemetery buried writer and humorist Anatoly Trushkina, who died Tuesday, June 9, at the age of 78 years. According to family friend Luke Safronov, the funeral was attended by the writer’s wife Natalya, close relatives and friends.

Earlier in the temple of all-merciful Savior in Moscow held a service for the deceased, which was attended by 30 people. The coffin was decorated with flowers and wreaths from colleagues and friends Trushkina, including humorist Vladimir Vinokur, reports TASS.

After the service the opportunity to say goodbye to Trushkina opened to all comers. In front of the temple organized the corridor, people were one by one to lay flowers.

All the necessary security measures have been met. The writer said goodbye to about 50 people, including the artist Nikas Safronov, musician Yuri Loza, songwriter Simon Osiashvili.

may 9 Anatoly Trushkin was in the hospital, he was diagnosed with coronavirus COVID-19. He said that after hospitalization feel better, but then his condition deteriorated. Writer hooked up to a ventilator, he had a very large amount of lung lesions.

Anatoly Trushkin — the native of Chelyabinsk, a graduate of the Moscow aviation technological Institute. In 1974 he graduated from the Literary Institute, and since 1981 has focused on literary work. In the early 1980-ies he wrote scripts for the satirical film magazine “Wick”, and then he began to speak from the stage with his works.

Humorous works Trushkina had been reading his Michael Evdokimov, Roman Kartsev, Efim Shifrin, Yan Arlazorov, Klara Novikova, Vladimir Vinokur. In 1992 and 2010, he was twice awarded the “Golden calf” of “Literary newspaper” (“club of 12 chairs”), and in 2001 he became a laureate of the prize “Golden Ostap”.