Wuhan coronavirus has claimed the life of the first of the cases

In the Chinese city of Wuhan the first died of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus. Currently affects about 40 people, and several hundreds are under observation.

As reported, in late December of last year, the government of Wuhan city declared an outbreak of pneumonia of unknown origin. As of 5 January it was reported 59 cases of infection. On Thursday, January 9, Chinese the experts found that the causative agent was a new type of coronavirus.

Now under medical supervision are 739 people, of which 419 of the doctors who had close contact with patients, RIA Novosti reported. Once it was established that the causative agent was a new type of coronavirus, experts have adjusted the treatment and surveillance methods and diagnostic hospitalized with pneumonia of unknown origin.

Coronaviruses are a family of more than 30 viruses that were first isolated in 1965. Coronaviruses affect people, Pets, pigs, cattle, birds and is able to provoke the defeat of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system.