The great thing about Xbox games is that there are so many genres available. These range from strategy games, running games, action games, and so much more. What this means is that there is a game for everyone, no matter your age. Because of that, just like online casinos such as bestcasinositesonline casino online, Xbox has managed to gain so many fans from all over the world.

What it also means is that it’s not just your kids who can play video games; you can also play them too. Here, we give you a few Xbox One action games that you can enjoy while on lockdown.

Devil May Cry 5

This game from Capcom is all-things-action. The aesthetics and style of the 5th edition of Devil May Cry are just brilliant, to say the least. You will get to play with a great cast that will deliver heavy action. The game features three hero; Nero, Dante, and V, who is a newcomer to the franchise. All three of them bring their own unique fighting abilities and will leave you quenching for more.


This is a favourite among many adults. You will really love the new updates to the Champions League. In fact, you will now be able to play the Chinese League too. The game has had a few improvements, including speed reduction, as well as timed shooting. The price is not that different with big win casino games online.

NieR: Automata – Become as Gods Edition

In this edition of the game, players will be treated to DLC, as well as extra costumes. Many video games players will find this game a bit strange and unusual. This is because it features some androids that beat up robots, questioning the nature of existence. There is a lot of gunplay involved, which you must master in order to win. This version also allows you to automate parts of the game so that it’s easier to play.