Xiaomi has patented a smartphone with triple screen

the State intellectual property office (SIPO) of China has granted a patent application Xiaomi, which describes the smartphone is covered with screen on three sides. Judging by the schematic image, the flexible display covers the front and back panel and the side face of the device.

Front camera “of conception”, apparently hidden by the panel, and the double main is located vertically along the frame, says Gizchina. Most likely, this model can be expanded horizontally, turning in the tablet, such as Huawei Mate X, which is also “spreads” the 8-inch screen out.

In the other patent mentioned Xiaomi smartphone is a clamshell, similar to the new Motorola Razr or a future Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold (Galaxy Bloom) in the form factor of the “puff”. However, if these devices can be folded in half with the screen inwards, the concept device Xiaomi panel is on the outside. Unfolded it becomes a smartphone with a very long display, with a camera on the outside.

According to the database of SIPO, Xiaomi has filed a patent application in 2019, and published them on 10 January. Officially about the plans to release a similar device in the company until claimed.

Text: To.Hi-tech