Young Chelyabinsk collects waste paper to give to orphans footballs

to Help the needy and everyone can, you only need the desire. And 10-year-old boy from Chelyabinsk it is rife. To buy peers from the orphanage a soccer ball, Savva Yarygin collects trash and delivers it in points of reception of recyclable materials.

Plays at the computer, and in the fresh air — Savva Yarygin prefers virtual football match with friends. But kicking a soccer ball, he thinks about those who don’t have loving and caring parents.

“sat-Sat and thought: I love to play football, and children from children’s homes — can’t. And here I collect the waste paper to they also had the opportunity,” said Savva Yarygin.

Every Saturday he writes ads about collecting waste paper and hanging them on the entrances. Is it not the first action. One ball fifth-grader already bought and tried it. Mom Sava is sure: if he’s doing anything, it is completely the case.

“Of Hobbies his theatre school. He dreams of becoming an artist and dreams of becoming a chef. And at the same time he cannot live without helping other people,” says Anna Yarygina, the boy’s mother.

it supports young philanthropist: print ads and along with him goes to the recycling plant. But the recycling centre hopes the boy seems ready to crumble like a stack of magazines.

For a kilogram of paper acceptors produce only four of the ruble. He brought in 17 pounds, so only 68 rubles, and football is all 200. A challenge to help solve the mother and adds money. Two brand-new ball immediately sent to the orphanage.

In the center of social assistance to children “Hope” students from 3 to 18 years. The state fully provides, educators say, but it is balls sometimes lack.

“I admire this kid. In 10 years, his mind working to do good,” says teacher Irene Gray.

the trick Savva has no plans to quit. He believes that the city has many helpful people that will help him withstock raw materials and to make the lives of his peers happier.