Young Russian hockey players lost to the Canadians in a dramatic world Cup final

In the Czech Ostrava ended the world championship on hockey among players, whose age does not exceed 20 years. In the final team Canada with a score of 4:3 and defeated Russia and won gold medals. The Russians got the silver.

the First period was a playing advantage to the Russian team, but ended with the score 0:0. The first puck was abandoned in the middle of the second 20-minute period. Nikita Alexandrov in most corrected a washer in a grid after a throw of defender Yegor Samudi. The Canadians bounced back a minute later, when he had on the court on two players more. Goal scored by Dylan Cozens. But our captain Grigory Denisenko finished off the puck. After two periods, the Russian team ahead 2:1.

In the middle of the third period, Maxim Sorkin scored the third goal. It seemed that the gold medals will go to the Russian team. But the ricochet from the ridge Connor Macmice and Canadians narrowed the gap. Then Barret Hayton implemented numerical advantage and made the score equal. And three minutes before the end of normal time Akil Thomas first led team Canada forward.

the Russian Team desperately tried to save the game, but luck was on the side of team Canada, which became the first world champion in the new year. The Russian team won silver medals.