Zakharov: Pompeo directly admitted the U.S. interference in the Affairs of sovereign States

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on the statement by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Washington to work on the change of power in Venezuela. The comment she left on his page on Facebook.

“Here’s to you, comrades, and international law in the performance of Washington. We heard clear acknowledgement of Secretary of state in the implementation of his country’s campaigns to destabilize the situation in sovereign States,” wrote Zakharov.

As noted by the representative of the foreign Ministry, the words Pompeo confirmed that “the United States never abandoned the tactics of intervention in the Affairs of independent States and the policy of regime change”. Such interventions are made “through soft power or by provocations and coups”. This, according to Zakharova, “refers in each case is different.”

Zakharov added that for years the United States used this tactic to “create the necessary Washington political situation” in different countries.

Earlier, on 20 December it was reported about the statement Mike Pompeo, which he made in an interview with Colombian TV channel.

“We are working on a project that will lead to the fact that (Venezuelan President Nicolas ed.) Maduro will go, but the Venezuelan people will be able to hold free and fair elections, said Pompeo. – We talk with representatives of South America, Central America, Europe — countries around the world to achieve this result”.

According to Secretary of state, USA thus “strengthened the Venezuelan people” for his “bright future”. Pompeo published in Twitter a photo with the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido, naming him acting President, and noted his “tireless efforts to establish democracy”.

Honored to meet Interim President @JGuaido at the 3rd Ministerial Counterterrorism. His tireless efforts to restore democracy to #Venezuela are an inspiration. We are proud to support him and the people of Venezuela as they strive for a brighter future.

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) January 20, 2020

the Situation in Venezuela deteriorated in January 2019. Then the opposition leader Juan Guido declared himself acting President of the country. Previously, he was appointed speaker of the Parliament, however, the Supreme court of the state annulled that decision. After that, in Venezuela, the protests and riots.

the Interim leader of the country of Guido United States has recognized the Organization of American States and most European Union countries. The current President Maduro was supported by Russia, Belarus, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria and Turkey.