Zakharova said that European politicians had its own powerlessness

a Number of European countries trying to make a “toxic” any rapprochement between the Venezuelan opposition and the authorities, official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. On the website of the Russian diplomatic Agency provides its response to the package of EU sanctions against a group of Venezuelan politicians who advocate the establishment of a constructive dialogue with the authorities.

“it is Important that managed to prevent further escalation of the diplomatic crisis,” Zakharova recalled, however, the steps taken in the European capitals are threatening to make the situation into a dead end, and their initiators were painted in his own impotence, she said.

the Decision of the High court of London in a dispute over stored in Britain Venezuela gold bullion worth about 930 million euros called outrageous. Opposition leader Juan Guido recognized as “interim President” of Venezuela and he will give you access to the gold reserves of Venezuela held by the Bank of England. Was the actual rejection property of one state by another, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In 2019, the Bank of England refused to Caracas in the issuance of $ 1.2 billion in gold bullion. According to one version, appeared in the media, the decision was taken after senior American officials, including US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Advisor to the US President for homeland security John Bolton, has put pressure on colleagues in the UK to block access to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to his assets abroad. Later Maduro said that the Bank of England kept 80 tons of gold owned by the Venezuelan authorities.

the Central Bank of Venezuela plans to appeal the decision of the court of London.