Zakharova surprised by the failure of Warsaw to celebrate the liberation from the Nazis

the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova said Poland’s decision not to hold official commemorative events dedicated to 75-th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw from Nazi invaders.

On the page in Facebook the Russian policy in the published news, which became known on Monday, January 13. Poland said the refusal of the celebration of the anniversary, citing the fact that on 17 January for many years is not the date officially celebrated in Warsaw.

Maria Zakharova said that he does not understand how to commemorate the date the war began and virtually ignore the date of release. According to the representative of the foreign Ministry, at the same time the prerequisites the start of the war and pre-war situation is completely reversed. Zakharov noted that the pace of Europe’s anti-fascists will once again be forced to go into hiding.

Earlier, the representative of the Department expressed his opinion about the resolution of the Sejm of Poland, which refers to the equal involvement of the USSR and Germany by the beginning of world war II.