Zarif said that happened with the Iranians shot down by a Ukrainian

Man, the fault is near Tehran was hit by a Ukrainian plane, is in prison. This was stated by the Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

we are Talking about the events of January 8, when Iran launched a series of attacks on us bases in Iraq and the air defense forces of the country have been put on high alert. In this situation, and was shot down “Boeing” Ukrainian airlines, carrying out flight Teheran — Kiev.

On Board the ship were 176 people, all of them died. The responsibility for the catastrophe took over the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC). It said that the tragedy occurred because of human error: the aircraft took enemy object.

In the words of Javad Zarif, the Iranians were shocked by the death in the crash of so many promising young people. Many students have lost someone you know. “It was an emotional situation,” — said the Iranian Minister in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel.

On the question of why the Iranian government took three days to admit that the plane was downed by the Iranian military, Zarif replied:

– It was a difficult situation in a difficult time. Others needed a lot more time. Almost 32 years ago, the US shot down an Iranian passenger plane. To date, they have not brought formal apology. The American officer responsible for the Downing of the plane, even received a medal. Meanwhile, the Iranians shot down a Ukrainian plane, is now in jail.

According to Zarif, the people were right when they complained that they hide information. However, the responsibility for this lay not in the government. The head of the foreign Ministry, he said, learned the error of military day on Friday, January 10, after more than two days after the incident.

“It was a time when the military leadership came to the ultimate conclusion that someone did it by mistake. As soon as this was reported to the head of the IRGC, he demanded to be informed aboutobshestvennosti. It happened on Saturday morning. It was a very hard week,” — said the Minister.