Zelensky shared with Netanyahu

the Ukrainian people are well aware of the tragedy of the Holocaust, said the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

the Ukrainian leader gave Netanyahu a letter with the stories of three families affected by the Holocaust. One of these stories – about a family that had four sons. Three of them, and their parents were shot by the Germans. And the fourth son fought in the war, contributed to the fight against fascism, came back alive.

“two years after his return, his son was born, in 31 years, his grandson was born, 40 years old grandson became President and today he stands before you,” said Zelensky.

According to him, all these stories about what nationality and religion lose their meaning when there is a good heart that resists evil.

the Prime Minister of Israel thanked the Ukrainian President for this letter. “This is a very sensual story, this is the story of how Gentiles saved Jews, risking their lives and the lives of their families,” Netanyahu said. He assured that Israel will always be grateful to Ukrainians for the help and support of the Jewish people during the war.

Later Zelensky met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, reports TASS. “We share a commitment to the education of future generations and the struggle against those who deny the Holocaust,” said Rivlin on his page on “Twitter”.

on the Eve Zelensky refused to participate in the fifth world forum of memory of victims of the Holocaust. He said he handed over his invitation, the witnesses of the tragedy who couldn’t get to the forum due to lack of seats. However, this decision has caused confusion in the memorial complex Yad Vashem. Today Zelensky and his wife Elena still intend to visit.

meanwhile in Ukraine itself continues to thrive nationalism. So, in early January in Kiev and other cities in the West marches were held in honor of the birthday of Stepan Bandera, and the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk offerl to put a monument to him.