Zhirinovsky called on to spare a nurse to wear a bikini under a protective suit

Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky has commented on incident with the Tula nurse, who wore a bikini under a translucent protective suit. LDPR leader said: in the costume of the chemical material work is not very comfortable.

“It’s chemistry. I can’t wear chemistry. Here, the shirt – one hundred percent cotton, – said Zhirinovsky at his shirt in the air of TV channel “Russia 24″. – Add 5 percent for chemistry, and I can’t wear it. Bad feeling.”

the Politician said that even in a protective mask to breathe heavily, and physicians who work with coronavirus patient forced to wear special costumes, even in the hardest conditions. Therefore, the Deputy suggested not to criticize physicians for appearance.

“Well, pity you nurses and doctors do not pay attention! – so Zhirinovsky commented on the scandalous case. – In General, the work of the doctor – the hardest. They need to help save the sick.”

Earlier in the Tula mass-media there were photos of a nurse, who because of the heat put on a bikini under the suit. The sent one of the patients. The woman reprimanded, but the public came to her side. In addition, the worker was supported by the Tula region Governor Alexei Dyumin and the chief doctor of the hospital where she works.