Zhirinovsky proposed to introduce to the officials of the new operating mode

Officials across the country must establish a 12-hour day and 6-day working week. The proposal was made by the head of the LDPR faction in the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the program “60 minutes” speaking about the conditions of implementation of the new course of development of the country.

the Politician said that he has 50 years working in this mode. And the introduction of such drastic measures he considers necessary component for raising discipline, which in turn is very important for successful implementation of the envisaged President of the national projects.

Commenting on the change of government, Zhirinovsky has attracted attention to the problem of brake job last Cabinet.

We encountered a problem: the money is there, but there are no results. That is, people are afraid to spend money.

In connection with this policy consider it appropriate to put in leadership positions bold and fast-acting people, and the approval of the annual budget to move on this summer so by December, “the money was in every village”, and from 1 January spending was already on the new budget.

In conclusion, Zhirinovsky proposed to make another “revolutionary” decision to introduce a rotation of deputies. “You need to constantly change the MPs and not once in five years as it occurs now”, — said the politician.

the Decree on the new composition of the government the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed on 21 January 2020. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed until 20 February to submit to the government proposals on the revision of the national projects and programmes. He also urged members of the new government to actively implement the national projects, to ensure the growth of the Russian economy, income and growth in the quality of life of citizens.