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Zigzag of luck: four inhabitants of Omsk have won flats in the lottery after the vote

Zigzag of luck: four inhabitants of Omsk have won flats in the lottery after the vote

Forty squares in a new neighborhood. The story of the inhabitant of Omsk who won the apartment after the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. The region has a social event for all comers on sites. The certificates, including such large prizes. Today in the local press said that the winner works as a watchman. Before the lottery he was never good enough.

Now, in the near future would send his wife “to watch the furniture for the new apartment.” This, in fact, intend to engage in, and others won housing.

In Omsk now there were four. Lucky voters giving interviews and sharing plans. But one case of attention much more than others.

Because at stake is the transparency of the entire drawing, and the suspicion that the prizes are not given just by chance. Such rumors appeared after it became known that the apartment in the regional center got, in particular, the head of one of precinct election commissions. Says — just got lucky. But, of course, that such a coincidence could not fail to cause certain issues. It has even come to check from CIC.

the Lottery is not selective, but if you look closely – it conducts the Union of trade organizations of Omsk region. After the pandemic the business enterprise much empty . To attract customers decided to go and land . After all, there is an active buying audience — the adult generation .

“I came, true, did not understand. Apartment. I’m in shock. I still can’t believe I said the address. I believe I will give the keys and I will take, probably,” — can’t believe his luck Anna Ganev, the winner of the lottery.

Now she’s the star of not only the village but the whole region. However rejoice not in a hurry. Many envy. Don’t believe that I won the apartment. But the electoral Commission is neither here nor there. Local business people make an advertisement claiming the Association.

“All shopping centers, playgrounds customALIS similar stories from the draw of the flats, ending with the drawing of trips to Turkey, in different countries and of course that company is now, and now, after a pandemic, they can earn points, customers,” — said Ivan Akimov, PR specialist.

New apartment — not in the elite areas and on the outskirts of Omsk. But this pensioner will definitely be enough. To donate a prize, she decided to student grandson who was going to live in the city in a rented apartment. Now you do not have to pay. “I was going to enter the University on the programmer, was going to rent an apartment, and so it happened that still have a chance”, — happy Sergey Ganev, the grandson of the winner.

Lotteries and sweepstakes in Russia love: cars, apartments, or just a certificate for the service. Some people are lucky, others not so much. In case of a loss many can not hold back emotions. Negative.

“the First feeling that occurs when we come into contact with success of others is jealous, is a mix of a condition of aggression, anger. Man possesses something that we would like to have, but no real action we took,” explains Arthur Karaganov, a clinical psychologist.

That grandma Anna from the village of Luzino now the main object, if not envy, that is exactly what the rural discussions. She’s still flat even seen. But the neighbors all know – he looks like a prize. Although it is known that she will get not just a stroyvariant, finished object for furniture and repairs. So, after this material, sympathizers will be more.