Deutsche Post wants to significantly increase the proportion of women in management positions. “Based on around 7,000 employees in the middle and upper management levels, this proportion is now 25 percent. We want to reach 30 percent by 2025,” said Melanie Kreis, who is responsible for finances on the Post Board, in an interview with WELT AM SONNTAG. In their own area of ​​responsibility, this is currently a good 30 percent. “That’s why our ambitious goal is to reach the 35 percent mark in three years,” said Kreis.

Deutsche Post, on the other hand, does not want to introduce a quota for women. “I don’t believe in doing something because it’s being forced from outside,” said the manager. It is in your company’s own interest to promote talent in the best possible way.

When asked whether men in the postal group no longer had any chances of advancement, Kreis said: “No, that doesn’t mean it.” There is a need to catch up in the company, and that’s why there will be more appointments with women, but not only appointments with women . “Men still have good career opportunities with us,” said Kreis.

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