Around the world in a pandemic: in Kronstadt met the ship

Oceanographic ship returned after circumnavigation. The crew has been at sea for more than six months, but to meet with relatives of the sailors will be able to only two weeks after the quarantine.

Decks are scrubbed, the crew built. Six months later, the expedition of the research vessel “Admiral Vladimir” finally comes to home port. On the shore an orchestra. The ship meets the commander of the main staff of the Navy of the country. To this day, the sailors and scientists set foot on solid ground 90 days, some ports are unable to take the vehicle due to the coronavirus.

In total away from home, the crew spent more than six months. The third of December 2019 “Admiral Vladimirsky” left Kronstadt and on 27 January reached Antarctica. Besides the global pandemic, which prevented timely resupply, the plans of the researchers were trying to spoil the weather.

the Route had to be adjusted, it was necessary to slip between the cyclones, which brought powerful winds and ice fields. Within a radius of 12 miles was sometimes up to two hundred icebergs, each of which carries a serious risk.

the Sailors anchored in Maxwell Bay, near the Russian Antarctic station “Bellingshausen” exactly two hundred years after the sixth continent was opened, our own Russian researchers. To honor the memory of brave sailors one of the main goals of this expedition.

But to get to Antarctica, the main but not the only problem. Weather strongly did not give such conduct the planned research. But our scientists did. The researchers brought a unique archive of collected data is made more than three million measurements related to the study of earth’s magnetic field and the bottom of the sea of Belinsgauzen.

Now, on earth, scientists will analyze the collected amount of information, and the sailors well-deserved rest, which, however, will not last very long in a few days, “Admiral Vladimirskiy” will begin preparing for the holiday the ship will take AKactive participation in the celebration of Navy day.