Murashko reported the busiest emergency rooms in the country and the situation in Dagestan

Two and a half thousand patients with coronavirus COVID-19 remain in intensive care, said the head of Ministry of health of Russia Mikhail Murashko at a meeting on sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia. He stressed that intensive, there is no overload. The number of beds allows physicians to feel confident. Now the treatment is of the order of 109 thousand patients.

this continued Murashko, Federal specialists will advise each patient on a resuscitation bed, on a ventilator. The Russian Minister of health during the meeting, which was broadcast channel “Russia 24”, said that additional funds would require the suppression of coronavirus in Dagestan. Financial calculations will be presented by the end of may 22.

In these calculations must be included the cost of drug supply to those residents who are in outpatient treatment. On may 23, the program will be implemented.

Over the past week in Dagestan, the situation is beginning to stabilize. In particular, the number of patients in intensive care units does not increase, said the Minister of health of Russia.

the Meeting with the leadership and members of the public of Dagestan, President Vladimir Putin held may 18. In it, he instructed Minidrive constantly monitor the situation in Dagestan and to develop for the Republic program to combat the spread of coronavirus, and until may 25 to provide the Dagestan financial assistance to the stabilization of the sanitary-epidemic situation. Experts of the Ministry of health of Dagestan also presented to Moscow his proposals for providing hospitals with medicines and individual protection means, as well as a list of necessary equipment. Putin promised that he personally checks how to solve the situation in Dagestan.

At the meeting of 22 may, which took place in the video, it was noted that the Russian epidemic of coronavirus did. The peak incidence is passed, there has been a steady decline in the incidence.