Not worth the high prices that airlines are betting on santoprete

Exit from quarantine mode, and start the holiday season demanded major changes from the aviation industry. July 1, 2020, Russia began the holiday season. But not all airlines and airports were ready for this. Many airports and carriers work in violation of the recommendations of the CPS.

Offenders are. Supervisors checked the 134 Russian airport and more than 400 aircraft. What are the main violations of the anti-recommendations have been identified, said Elena Mikheyev.

“When monitoring identifies such inconsistencies as the lack of masks or gloves from passengers. There are cases when no measurements of the temperature of the passengers upon entering the airport or when you sign for on the plane. Airlines and airports where the violations, instructed to eliminate them in the shortest possible time. Currently, the overall situation is improving and inconsistencies eliminated”, — says adviser to the head of the Federal air transport Agency Elena Mikheyev.

What is the rules in case the passenger has identified an elevated temperature? In this situation, the main thing is the safety of the other passengers.

“Aeroflot complies strictly with all recommendations. Before boarding the plane each passenger mandatory measured temperature, it should not be increased, otherwise people on the flight will not be tolerated. Our aircraft are equipped with thermometers for contactless temperature measurement. If suddenly someone of the passengers during the flight, record high temperature, a person is isolated from the rest of the passengers, transplanting it to the end of the cabin”, — assured the press-Secretary of JSC “Aeroflot” Julia Spivakova.

the Violations revealed not only the carriers, but also at airports, but mainly regional. Not everywhere with the necessary frequency to hear such warning about the need to use by passengers of means of individual protection.

Not all public areas are cleaned properly using disinfectants, as well as entrances not all airports are equipped with thermal imaging. Although some airports are trying to comply with the requirements of regulatory authorities.

“At Vnukovo airport is constantly a voice message that passengers comply with social distance, used personal protective equipment. All employees who work at the airport Vnukovo in areas where there are passengers wear masks, gloves. And such cases that someone did not do it, we do not have”, — said the press-Secretary of JSC “international airport “Vnukovo” Oksana Sokolova.

Many airlines now find themselves in a very difficult financial situation. Average price for tickets to Russia in June fell by about 3.5 thousand rubles — this is 3.5 times below the level which was before the introduction of restrictions because of the coronavirus COVID-19. Some airlines that previously specialized in international transportation, switched to the domestic market.

“If the airline operates only international flights, then this season had to shift, to open domestic flights from Russian regions to the sea, in Sochi, also in Khakassia — is a new tourist destination. And, of course, ignored us, and other carriers that the overall situation of the pandemic, with fears of tourists in particular, with the entry into this new period of operations. And it’s not worth the high prices”, — adds a few more strokes in the overall picture of the Director of information policy and communications of the airline Air Azur Anastasia Dumoulin.

From summer vacation this year has declined more than 40% of Russians. Approximately 10% of respondents plan to go on tours around the country and on vacation abroad, expect only 3% of respondents. Although the Federal air transport Agency has extended until August 1, the limit on international flights. If BUFLS made the decision to open international service, the Federal Agency will send a new telegram. But most foreign countries, including EU States, have not yet lifted the ban and opened their borders to the Russians.