Recognition of Iran continue to remain silent it was impossible

Tehran three days after the disaster the Ukrainian Boeing acknowledged that the passenger plane was shot down by the military. The ship was mistaken for an enemy object, the attendant at the Desk was a communication problem and not more than 10 seconds to think about. Commander of aerospace forces of Iran took the blame on himself.

This morning all the news Iranian television began with an urgent message. The authorities admitted that a civilian plane was targeted by air defense forces and was shot down. Later came the footage. On them — the launch of the rocket “earth-air” on the Ukrainian plane. How about these pictures — the consequences of confirming the version of the attack. The cockpit of the crashed Boeing. It is seen that it is all in the markings from the damaging elements missiles.

that occurred in the skies over Tehran, the Iranian leadership knew 8 Jan. But the General staff of the army of the Islamic Republic has decided the truth of the public to report later. Everyone who had information about the situation, was isolated. But when silence was impossible, Iran acknowledged in an accident — his fault, but it happened unintentionally.

All tried to explain Hajizade Amir Ali, the commander of aerospace forces of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. Before the briefing, the General said: “My neck is thinner than a hair”. In Farsi, it means a full confession of his guilt.

“That night, we were ready for all-out conflict. Given the information that was provided to the system operator’s defense, the man identified the plane as a cruise missile. He was obliged to establish contact with the commanders approval. That’s where he made a mistake. But in that moment the connection was obviously broken,” said Amir Ali Hajizade.

the Iranian air defense system, including around the capital, was in the highest degree of readiness. Nerves on edge, and at the command, and ordinary soldiers. When the operator of anti-missile calculation saw the goal, a decision he had only 10 seconds. Not justifying themselves, Teresan blames the incident and Americans. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic Javad Zarif said the disaster — the consequences of the adventurism of the United States. The position of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani — in the same key.

“I am deeply saddened by the crash of a Ukrainian plane, and we Express deep condolences to the families of the victims of this disaster. In an atmosphere of intimidation and aggression by the American regime against the Iranian people for human error and firing have led to this terrible tragedy, which killed dozens of innocent people,” — said Rouhani.

a Sharp aggravation of relations between the U.S. and Iran occurred after the murder, States the commander of the forces, “al-Quds” General Soleimani, one of the main commanders of the IRGC. It became known that the loss of the “guards” could be more.

Simultaneously with the liquidation Soleimani, the Americans tried to kill another high-ranking Iranian military — Abdul Reza Shahla. The special operation took place in Yemen, but was not successful. Tehran said the missile attack on two Iranian bases in Iraq. That night was mistakenly shot down civilian aircraft.

According to some, the flight route of the Ukrainian ship was laid close to the forbidden zone a secret military complex where Iran is developing ballistic missiles, long-range. However, in the office of the national air carrier “International airlines of Ukraine”, which owned the downed plane, said that the Boeing followed a strictly predetermined course, without deviating from the route and the conversation of the pilot with the dispatcher was fought to the last seconds of flight.

“there is No information about possible threats to the airline was not. At the time of departure from airport Tehran’s absolutely no information from the airlines was not, and no decision of the responsible administrations was not” — said the President of the UIA Eugene Dykhne.

the Presidents of Iran and Ukraine have talked on the phone. After the conversation, Vladimir Zelensky addressed the nation: “this Morning wasn’t good, but brought the truth. We expect from Iran’s readiness for full and open investigations, bring perpetrators, the return of the bodies of the dead and compensation. I hope that the investigation will continue without artificial delays. Our 45 employees must receive full access and interaction for installing of justice.”

the fact that disaster may have led the attack, almost immediately after the incident talking heads of countries whose citizens were on Board. And the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, referring to foreign intelligence, said that the plane was shot down by a missile.

But even now, when Iran itself has acknowledged this fact, angry curses against Tehran from the West are not heard. Perhaps the thing of it is, the chapters affected by this tragedy States are configured for de-escalation of the conflict and the recognition of Iran are regarded as an important step in this direction.

The Wall Street Journal says that the US and Iran immediately after the assassination of General Soleimani conducted secret talks under the mediation of Swiss Embassy in the Islamic Republic. It is possible that these channels were discussed and the situation around the death of Ukrainian liner before Iran officially acknowledged the attack on him.