Samsung will add to its smartphone counterpart on IOS AirDrop

Samsung intends to add to the software of its smartphones another feature that is not yet in Android, but its main competitor – Apple. Talking about the ability to quickly share files over-the-air using AirDrop.

For data exchange when you use this feature, use Bluetooth (to connect) and Wi-Fi (direct to transfer large amount of data). Something like that Google intends to add in future version of Android (Nearby Sharing), but Samsung apparently decided to roll out their own similar before.

samsung will add to its smartphone counterpart on ios airdrop 1

that option is called the Samsung Quick Share will be available on the new flagship smartphone of the Korean company, announced Max Weinbach from the site XDA-Developers. He in recent weeks, regularly shares his leaks about the upcoming Galaxy S20. He was even able to display the interface of this function on the flagship the “Samsung” last year – Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Note10. However, to send data failed.

the usefulness of the new features will be limited, says 9to5google, as it will be available only on smartphones (and likely tablets, and laptops), the South Korean company. And then only to the new products and those already issued devices for which Samsung will decide to release an update.

Text: To.Hi-tech