The Supreme court invalidated the victory for Khajimba in the election

the Supreme court of Abkhazia has cancelled the decision of the Central election Commission of the Republic on the outcome of the presidential elections and decided to appoint re-elections.

according to TASS, this verdict was announced by judge Temur Tarbes.

thus, the Supreme court has allowed the appeal of the opposition leader Alhasa of Kvitsinia the decision of the court of first instance recognized the legitimate results of the second round of presidential elections.

In Abkhazia there is no end to opposition protests. On 9 January the Parliament of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba urged to voluntarily resign of the head of state to stabilize the situation in the country, and the Minister of defense Mirab Kishmaria made to the authorities and the opposition to compromise.

on the same day protesters stormed the building of administration of the President of Abkhazia, opened the Armory, but the weapon was not used.

In response, the President said that he will not succumb to pressure and remains at his post.

8 Sep 2019 61-year-old Khajimba was elected for a second presidential term. According to the CEC of the Republic, in the second round he scored 47.39 per cent, while its main rival, the leader of the party “amtsakhara” alas Kvitsinia got 46,17 % of the vote.

Since Khajimba polled more than half of the votes, as required by local law on presidential elections, Kvitsinia did not recognize the election results and filed a complaint in the Supreme court of Abkhazia, stating that they were not considered votes “against all” (over 6.4 %), although they, in his opinion, has influenced the outcome of elections.