This submarine, no one in the world:

the flag of St. Andrew on the Day of Russia raised at a nuclear underwater cruiser of strategic appointment “Prince Vladimir”. On 12 June he was included in the combat composition of the Navy of Russia. Having 16 Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Bulava” submarine will strengthen the nuclear shield of our country. And in the future cruisers of the project “Borey” will be the basis of marine nuclear forces.

the First crew of the newest nuclear submarine “Prince Vladimir” built solemnly on the deck, where you spread out a red carpet. The most exciting and solemn moment. The commander raises the flag of St. Andrew — nuclear submarine missile cruiser К549 included in the Russian Navy.

“Russia has always been a great Maritime power. Only a few countries can afford to have a fleet and submarines,” — said Nikolai Evmenov, the chief of the Russian Navy.

And this submarine is no country in the world. Unique speed, maneuverability, stealth and military power of the submarine now will further strengthen the nuclear shield of Russia. On Board 16 ballistic missile “Bulava”. At the end of the year, “Prince Vladimir” has made a successful test launch of this missile from a submerged position in the White sea.

“takes into account the entire experience of the world of the underwater shipbuilding. This is a unique ship with a completely new technology that will allow our fleet to be ahead of the rest”, — said Mikhail Budnichenko, General Director of production Association “Northern machine-building enterprise”. Most of the characteristics of the submarine is highly classified. “Prince Vladimir” — the lead ship of a new and improved project “Borey”.

the Submarine began to build at Sevmash 8 years ago. In the ceremony took part Vladimir Putin. Submarine was the fourth in the so-called “Prince series” — traditionally this nuclear missile submarines provide the names of the rulers of Russia. Now serving the Vladimir Monomakh, Yuri Dolgoruky, “Alexander Nevsky”. Now on guard of security of the country will stand “Prince Vladimir”.

“It’s a ship of the 4+ generation. This is the most formidable weapon that was acquired by the Navy over the past few years”, — said Alexey Rakhmanov, the President of JSC “United shipbuilding Corporation”.

soon the crew will start duty.

Now built four submarines in this class, but only in the next three years the Russian Navy will receive more than 60 modern warships and submarines.