Ton of antiseptic and hundreds of thousands of masks: the election commissions are preparing to vote

In Moscow on Tuesday, 16 June, the first meeting of the electoral Commission on electronic voting. It chose the Chairman, who was the Deputy head of the Moscow Federation of trade unions Yuri Pavlov and his Deputy and a Secretary. Work on the preparation of the national vote has also started election commissions across Russia, reported today in the CEC. Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina told about the voting process, in particular about how sanitary measures will be taken in the areas.

Before beginning the work of election commissions and thorough disinfection. In the Kuzbass town of Belovo — 55 plots. Processed and interior, and space next. Sanitizer Stanislav Gavrilov told about the procedure:

— two percent of the Area is treated with a solution of sodium chloride, other chlorine-containing substances. Not a single inch of space in the processing areas, buildings we try not to miss.

In the territorial commissions across the country have begun to deliver the ballots. These forms are only printed in Chelyabinsk printing house. Under protection they will be sent to the cities and districts of the southern Urals. The Director of the printing Dmitry Taskaev shared the secrets newsletters:

— All the standard paper, which can be applied to a good image with a ballpoint pen, protective mesh, microlettering and small items in a protective mesh that do not allow to make a copy.

a Form with one question printed in two sizes. Each sheet is carefully inspected. If the letters are poorly printed, the form destroyed.

Delivered to the election Commission of personal protective equipment. In Mordovia for the voting process prepared 25 tons of antiseptic, hundreds of thousands of pairs of gloves and medical masks. Secretary of the CEC of the Republic of Mordovia Svetlana Fedonin said:

— Mask is designed based on the fact that they need to change every two hours. With gloves of the same. Individual robes for members of the Commission and screens to cast one mask, a pair of gloves and hands processing of each voter at the entrance to the site.

a Safe distance, a mandatory measurement of body temperature — the members of the commissions to carefully study the approved rules of the plebiscite. Another novelty is that the law allows you to arrange a place to vote in the open air, near the location where the section is situated.

Expand the possibility of voting at home. Invite Commission members and observers in their apartment even when the reason is not too good. Deputy Chairman of the electoral Commission of Primorsky Krai Roman hunter explained:

— for Example, a mother is with a small child and doesn’t want to leave it to go to a vote. A citizen who is afraid for whatever reason to go to the polling station, you may just invite yourself to a house vote on that basis.

During the voting at home and on campus — in areas, all the days of the plebiscite will be to work with public observers. Their representatives have already appropriated about a thousand organizations.

“given the fact that we expect that the party will be no less active than ever before, the total number of observers exceeds over half a million people”, — said the head of the working group of the Public chamber of Russia on monitoring of the electoral rights of citizens Maxim Grigoriev.

Become an observer could any Russian citizen over 18 years of age. The public chamber of regions are going to accept applications for participation in the monitoring up to the start of voting.