Paris – a strike of the trade unions that it led to the closure of the Louvre and the evacuation of the President of Macron from the theater. But the employees of another of the theatre “Odeon” — albeit somewhat unusual, but still provided the beginning of a tour of the Moscow “theatre of Nations”. And for good reason. The premiere of “Uncle Vanya” was held under the applause of the full hall, where there was this French star Fanny Ardant.

He was here not just as a spectator, but on the stage of the famous Parisian “Odeon” Yevgeny Mironov or Uncle Vanya, as it is now remembered in Paris for the first time.

“I was told that I have to play this role. I still have the age where I fit the role,” said Yevgeny Mironov, people’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of State Theatre of Nations.

And if the novel Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya himself destroys his life, the French premiere of almost ruined the local trade unions.

the Directors of the scene, protesting against the pension reform, did not come to work exactly on the day of the premiere. But to cancel the show, the artists could not – “Uncle Vanya” is not just the European tour of the Theatre of Nations, this is the start of the great cultural marathon of the revived “Russian seasons”, Diaghilev founded, and the audience sold out tickets to all 10 performances of the Russian theater. And did not disappoint on opening night. Despite the 9-point tube and a broken metro (in Paris are on strike and even transporters), “Odeon” tonight was full.

In the lobby, and young theatergoers, and the French Bohemians. What was the play the most European of all Russian writers from the French Director and the Russian company, interesting to all.

While in the interval the French audience discussed the play, in “Odeon” acting Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky gave the French counterpart of the symbolic Firebird — a symbol of the “Russian seasons”. In the next year the French-speaking countries of Europe awaits the real expansion of the Russian culture — hundreds of activities from the best theaters and museums of Russia will be held in 90 cities in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

the French have watch the show from a master of Russian watercolors Andriaka. 46 works exhibited in the Russian spiritual and educational center of Paris.

the Premiere of “Uncle Vanya” in the meantime, over a 10-minute applause, the troupe of the Theatre of Nations the audience 4 times caused to bow. The French public is generous for emotions to those who really touched her heart.