Unpredictable and capricious: doctor butcher shared his thoughts about COVID-19

Coronavirus “unpredictable and capricious” and can bring people surprises, a well-known doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov. In his Instagram he made the interim findings of the COVID-19 and attempts to combat it.

So, the physician stated that the coronavirus can spread practically healthy people, so the risk to get infected is quite high. The infection is transmitted by airborne droplets: when a sick person sneezes or coughs. A number of experts suggests that the coronavirus could be “caught”, for example, on contaminated surfaces, or from Pets, but all these versions don’t have scientific confirmation.

Dr. Myasnikov drew attention to the fact that the coronavirus “is racial (black population of the United States, the so-called “Latinos”, Asians), gender (men) and age (children almost never get sick) preferences”, what is pathophysiological rationale.

Despite the danger of infection, the death rate from it remains low, the doctor said. He recalled that a fatal outcome is mainly the outcome of the cases, when the illness proceeded hard, in other coronavirus is manifested as common colds. In the group of risk are people aged 65 years and suffering a number of chronic diseases of the heart, kidneys, or those with diagnosed obesity, diabetes or cancer.

Scientists from different countries invent medicines and vaccines against coronavirus, however, a generic drug yet. As noted by butchers, antiviral drugs can shorten the time of the disease, but not stop it. Now the efforts of the medical community around the world aims to create a vaccine and to begin to instill in the population.

as for prevention, the doctor admitted that the only effective measure in this sense is distancing, and when flash is self — isolation. The mask, according to Myasnikov, “simple, cheap, neurocologues measure obscureefficacy”, and gloves are used to protect the skin from frequent washing and processing. Disinfection on the streets of the physician also called a dubious measure. “The virus is inside a person, not outside!” — he stressed.

however, the butchers indicated that statistics on the coronavirus so far only preliminary, so conclusions based on it, is completely wrong. “Chicks hatched”, — said a famous doctor.