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“We stand by your side” – Scholz addresses people in Ukraine


Chancellor Olaf Scholz has once again assured the people of Russia’s attacked Ukraine of Germany’s solidarity. “We stand by your side,” said the SPD politician on Sunday evening in a video message that was recorded at a music show with Ukrainian artists at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. “Your hearts and thoughts are with you today and every day since Russia attacked your country.”

Together with friends and partners, Germany is providing ongoing financial support to ensure Ukraine’s economy does not collapse, said Scholz, who delivered his words in English. “We are sending weapons to Ukraine and are thus breaking with the long-standing German tradition of not delivering weapons to war zones.” Almost 800,000 Ukrainians have found refuge in Germany. “We welcome them with open arms.”

It is unclear how many weapons were actually delivered to Ukraine. According to information from WELT AM SONNTAG, the federal government has apparently reduced its military support to a minimum in the past nine weeks. As can be seen from documents, Germany not only did not deliver any battle tanks or armored personnel carriers, but since the end of March hardly any light weapons worth mentioning either.

In his video message on Sunday, Scholz emphasized that plans for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war were being made. “Because this war will end,” said Scholz. “We stand united – for Ukraine, for freedom, the rule of law and dignity. As European sisters and brothers.”

Featuring music and video messages from international politicians and celebrities, the show was a telethon broadcast by numerous Ukrainian TV channels. Numerous music stars from the state performed at the Brandenburg Gate. This year’s winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, the Kalush Orchestra, were also expected.