A green economy can accelerate the development of the Arctic after coronaries

the Participants of the online meeting of the discussion club “Arctic as a pole for attracting green investment”, conducted by the Project office for the development of the Arctic (it’s TIME), I believe that a green economy can accelerate the development of the Arctic after the pandemic coronavirus.

Director of the Arctic areas in the Agency’s Far East to attract investment and support exports Dmitry Fishkin said that now the whole world is going through a reformation of the economy and social systems. In the new reality will be in demand approaches associated with digital planning and integrated development, including greater attention to the environment.

“the Arctic can be a pilot region for all of these innovations – changes in economic priorities, the use of more environmentally friendly farming systems. The Arctic is the megaprojects, namely they are easier and more correct to run in these new approaches,” — said Dmitry Fishkin.

Now preparing for the adoption Ministry developed a package of Arctic bills on the promotion of entrepreneurship. New support measures should provide additional impetus for projects in the Russian Arctic.

the ratings of the companies and regions that include “green” indicators can become a tool for potential investors and partners, said the moderator of the meeting, the expert’s TIME on sustainable development, Professor of economic faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Sergey Nikonorov.

“Now there is a taxonomy for “green economy” and activities of “green” enterprises, which strictly regulate the dealings with the European Union. It spelled out all the requirements for the project – for example, the transition to a circular economy, prevention education and recycling. I think these points need to be considered in international rankings. It will just be a indication that the green financing in the Arctic pays great attentione, this is impossible without foreign investments in the Russian Arctic projects”, — said the coordinator of the coordinator of the Expert Council Alexander Vorotnikov TIME.

an economist, an expert in Green Project Management Catherine Malicki noted that there is still no developed criteria for evaluating the assignment of projects to green in sectors of the economy. Large investors produce green Eurobonds, but to talk about some systematic work is not necessary. “I think we need to start green venture capital funds in the regions and in big corporations”, — the expert believes.