A normal PC will catch up with the supercomputer using its new algorithm

Engineers Toshiba Hayato goto and Kosuke Tatsumura has developed a software algorithm that will help thousands of times to speed up the calculation of a standard PC. Before quantum computers based on new laser technology will be able to obtain a 10-fold advantage in processing speed.

goto proposed the idea of “algorithm simulated bifurcation” in 2015, two more years left on the setting to enable the system to efficiently weed out the much larger number of possibilities. Most machines that can run this type of algorithm (algorithms combinatorial optimization) are quantum computers, says Wccftech.

In the work of the senior fellow Toshiba helped his colleague Tatsumura, which made the algorithm maximally scalable. Thanks to this system can be used on a single computer or on a server cluster. “You can just connect it to the server and run at room temperature,” said Matsumura.

To achieve the same result on the quantum hardware will need millions of dollars. Moreover, quantum machines are difficult to operate – they need a temperature close to absolute zero.

The Toshiba plan to Refine the algorithm and offer it to a wide range of commercial structures. It can be interested in any companies looking for more efficient ways of solving problems of combinatorial optimization – from stock markets to social networks.

Text: To.Hi-tech