After exercises in the Black sea maneuvers begin in Caspian

In the exercises of the Caspian flotilla will take part more than 30 ships of the Astrakhan region and Dagestan. During a workout, the small missile and artillery ships will fulfill the actions of the crew during a single voyage in the open sea, reported the press service of the southern military district.

on the Eve of joint exercises in the Black sea had more than fifty ships of Northern and black sea fleets, as well as the submarine and about forty aircraft. The exercises aboard the missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov” observed the President of Russia.

As reported in the defense Ministry, during the practical part of the MiG-31K hit the target on the ground using hypersonic aeroballistic missiles “Dagger”.

the crew of the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, small missile ship “Orekhovo-Zuyevo” and the submarine “Kolpino” fulfilled launches of surface and underwater positions of the missiles “Calibre”.

the Military tested new forms and methods of application of military equipment. The detailed analysis will present the Supreme commander. Vladimir Putin has called the maneuvers a successful and thanked the military, the General staff and personnel, reports channel “Russia 24”.