American coalition has suspended the training of Iraqi soldiers

the international anti-terrorist coalition led by the US has suspended the training of fighters of the Iraqi security forces because of attacks on military bases.

As explained in the statement of the headquarters carried out in the Iraq and Syria operations “Unwavering commitment”, released on Sunday, January 5, as a result of rocket attacks on the Shiite group “Kataib Hezbollah” over the past two months have killed a number of Iraqi security services and U.S. citizen. Therefore, military forces focused on Iraqi bases where placed by coalition forces.

“It limits our ability to train with partners and to assist in their operations against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), so we have suspended this activity”, — quotes extracts from the statement by TASS.

the Iraqi Parliament, in turn, is considering the withdrawal of the American troops.

Representative of the group “Kataib Hezbollah” addressed to the Iraqi military with the requirement to move away from U.S. military bases at a distance of not less than a kilometer to 17 hours local time (coincides with Moscow), writes “Interfax”.

meanwhile, the Iraqi foreign Ministry handed the US Ambassador a letter in which he condemned the American operation against the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, describing it as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, RIA Novosti reported.

Earlier, the suspension of a training program for the Iraqi military had informed NATO.