And cut, and poisoned: Sergey Zhukov - on the peak of fame group

the TV channel “Russia 1” Sergei Zhukov tells how was born their with Alexey Potekhin group “Hands Up!”, about crazy groupies and how being a presenter on radio “Europe Plus” in Samara, Zhukov for the promotion of their songs used the office.

during the same period, the beginning of the ascent to the musical Olympus, he met Togliatti with the daughter of the then Vice-President of “AVTOVAZ” Elena Dobyndo. Zhukov was then 19, she was 14.

five years later, already in Moscow, they were married. Moreover, Zhukov promised the father that the family will provide itself.

this marriage was born a daughter. However, when the group “Hands Up!” became mega-popular among young people, there was a big problem: fans threatened to Sergey’s wife to throw acid at her, was on duty at the door.

In the end, after a divorce, the wife and the daughter went to the United States.

Battered by fans and Zhukov himself. He recalls how one of them cut his arm with a razor – it turns out that she needed the blood of a musician for “the love spell”. And another fan was treated to homemade cookies, which was poisoned.

Where he met Zhukov and Potekhin? Why Sergey regrets that in his youth he was fond of excessive “rocking” and “iron”? How and where did the name of the group “Hands Up!”, and to whom they had to speak with the song “Bandito” for the first fee?

Why the bugs chose to run for President, and what situation forced him to seek the assistance of an influential father-in-law?