Arrived in Moscow the Libyan Marshal Haftarot

the head of the Libyan national army (LNA) Marshal Khalifa Haftar arrived in Moscow, where he held talks with Prime Minister of the national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya Fitom Barragem.

Earlier, the NTC headed by Saragam and the LDF Marshal Haftarot announced the cease-fire (under the initiative of Russia and Turkey). In addition, according to the head of the Russian contact group Leo Money, it is possible that Sarraj and the Haftarot will sign in Moscow the agreement on ceasefire.

Previously, Libya was discussed in a telephone conversation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Conte. Both said that they are ready to help to hold in Berlin international conference to establish peace in the country.

In Libya after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, which occurred with the active intervention of the United States, there was a dual power. In the East — a democratic Parliament, based on soldiers of the Libyan national army. In the West — recognized by the US and its allies in the national consensus Government.

Marshal Khalifa Haftar was originally one of the supporters of Muammar Gaddafi (he twice studied in the Soviet Union). Haftar led an expedition to Chad in 1987, but was defeated and captured. After the government of Chad has released the Haftarot, he began to prepare an anti-government group for Libya, but without success. Then there was a coup in Chad itself, and came to power a government that was more loyal to Qaddafi; then, the Haftarot, with the assistance of the CIA fled to the United States.