Assessment and examinations: Irina Abankina about the peculiarities of the academic year

because of the pandemic coronavirus have been some changes in the education system and rules of performance assessments certificates. In this academic year, certificates of assessment will be based on annual summary ratings, with no orientation to the CDF of the qualification work. The Director of the education development Institute, Higher school of Economics Irina Abankina told in interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.

“This is the total system the final grade they received in a certificate, and these certificates are handed to students today. We are able to congratulate them”, she said.

Some students hoped to improve their grades at the end of the year due to retests. However, for those who now will not pass the exam, such opportunities have not. “Can only be for those guys who have will count as part of the Unified state exam, but this year it decided to use only in universities,” explained Abankina.

She also expressed gratitude to the regional education authorities, as in many regions increased the number of admission quotas on a budgetary basis. However, on popular, interesting and popular in the future profession places much less than willing.

If the graduate was not able to go to College, he has the ability to get a part time job in chosen profession. According to the expert, often working in enterprises then gives you the opportunity to obtain education in colleges, with whom they have a close partnership.

Also those guys who this year changed my mind, can prepare for the exam and try to get in next year. However, since they have already received their certificates, they will not be able to participate in the Olympics.

“the Olympics as an opportunity to enrol in universities without competition, of course, for them will be lost. This is an opportunity only for those who have not yet graduated from high school and who have not yet received the certificate”, — said Irina Abankina.