At the Morozov hospital saved a child who experienced clinical death

a Unique operation in the Morozov children’s hospital. The doctors were able to save three-year-old girl who had a complication of pneumonia. The infection has moved into the heart of the matter has even reached clinical death.

On these frames — a unique operation. Minimally invasive, three small puncture wounds, the heart of a three year old surgeons try to free from purulent fluid.

“This is echocardiography, showing mecard, left right ventricle, and visible liquid, which prevents the heart to work” say the doctors.

“Risks, but do nothing was much riskier, so we were backed up by the surgeons, who stood behind. Operating full was,” said Mr. Topilin, chief of thoracic surgical Department of the Morozov children’s hospital.

what doctors faced a complication in pneumonia. Infection that a month ago, I started the girl in the lungs, moved to the heart. The disease was diagnosed in Tver and in serious condition, after clinical death, little Mary was taken to the Morozov hospital.

“If not for these surgeons, I don’t know what would have happened to us. I saw her in Tver after cardiac arrest. The doctor took me into the intensive care unit for two minutes. At that moment her chest was increased three times, my stomach fell, I thought, then, see her one last time alive”, — shares his emotions Taisiya Mehonoshina, mother Mary.

This complication is quite rare. But if time does not take action, the outcome will be lethal. The fluid that accumulates around the heart, hardens and prevents it from working.

Usually in this case, the surgeons fully open her chest. But this operation the girl could not move. Had to find another way. The problem was fixed. But a few weeks Masha’s body was fighting an infection.

“Now we are going to discharge the child with our recommendations. Given the fact that the child has no suMKI heart, he in any case will need to be under the supervision of the cardiologists,” — said Maxim Hayrapetyan, doctor-pediatric surgeon thoracic surgical Department of the Morozov children’s hospital.

After a long bed rest Masha is learning to walk again. And already in a hurry to go home.