Balbec put Romanyuk

the Russian state Duma Deputy Ruslan Balbec put the Chairman of all-Ukrainian public organization “Ukraine in NATO” Yuri Romaniuk “f” for not knowing the tactical situation in the Crimea.

the Latter said earlier that the Russian black sea fleet is inferior to the naval forces of Turkey and Romania and that “the one” that Russia has is nuclear submarines.

Commenting on this statement, Balbec suggested that Romaniuk or not familiar with the tactical situation in the region, or does not wish to ignore the obvious facts.

“If a person does not see or does not want to notice the obvious facts, so he tasked it in the shower or deny that such events are possible”, — quotes the words of the Russian Deputy RIA Novosti.

He also admits that the Ukrainian expert “missed” the rearmament of the black sea fleet.

Ignorance, according to Balbec, is the “entry ticket” to the Ukrainian military expert community. To be noted that the black sea fleet over the last five years received three new frigates, small missile ships, diesel-electric submarines (all are carriers of the missile impact), anti-submarine and fighter aircraft, you need to live “blindfold,” said the parliamentarian.