Banking roaming was banned, but Sberbank has introduced a new Commission

In Russia came into force a law abolishing banking roaming. Now the banks have the right to charge a fee for money transfers from one region to another. As it turned out, no additional costs for banks, such transfers are not carried, and hence to the consumer, they too should be free. However, after the abolition of the Commission immediately there was another.

In the end, the consumer wins if you frequently transfer money to relatives in another city, but the amounts are small. But if geography is not important, in this case, the gain is not obvious.

the Ban on banking roaming in the first place, concerned the savings Bank. It accounts for the lion’s share of transfers from card to card.

Before to transfer money from the card you registered in Moscow, to the map obtained in another city, had to pay a 1% Commission fee from the payment amount. Your Bank Sberbank roaming charges to be abolished in early June — even before the law came into force. But at the same time the savings Bank has imposed a limit on the free online translations — 50 thousand rubles per month, regardless of geography. If the limit is exceeded — the same Commission of 1 percent of the payment amount, but not more than 1000 rubles.

“This Commission is absolutely justified, it can be entered. Here each Bank to decide how much he is willing to provide it for free if at all to provide, because some of the banks for any money transfer may be charged. Some banks, this amount is limited to 20000, someone 30000, someone 50 thousand can translate free of charge or limit the amount. Accordingly, the user can choose the Bank where it is most profitable to serve,” explains Vice-President of the Association of banks of Russia Alexey Volokhov.

in the Spring of 2020 in Russia earned a system of quick payments of the Central Bank. At the end of may it joined Sberbank. In the online account or mobile app, consumers now have a choice through which system SDElat transfer — the Bank or the Central Bank.

interestingly, in the payments of the Central Bank, in which you can make transfers by phone between different banks and regions, free transfer limit twice — 100 thousand a month. However, if it is a translation from Sberbank to Sberbank and you exceeded the limit of 50 thousand, still lights up the Board.

it Is believed that soon we will have to pay for issuing cards, which are now free, and even the use of mobile applications. Supposedly banks are thus trying to compensate for their losses during the pandemic. It all started with the fact that at the end of March, the Central Bank has restricted banks charge that they can take with sellers of goods and services, as well as medical facilities for the servicing of non-cash payments — not more than 1 percent. This was done in order to support small and medium business, which was urgently moved on to online sales.

Plus the less cash, the less communication and transmission. The Association of Russian banks, estimated lost profits of the banking sector in the amount from 10 to 15 billion rubles. Time lost in the inter — Bank commissions- compensate by consumers, warned they. Can be paid to the issuing and maintenance of cards, using apps or even calls to the call center.

“If in the future the anti-crisis measures which have been adopted today, the Central Bank will expand and most importantly — they will not be temporary, and will be permanent, what we hear, suggestions and requests from many market participants — dealers, gas stations, retailers, pharmacy directions — in this case, in order to recoup their costs, perhaps the introduction of individual premium services,” notes the economist, ADB Vice-President Alexey Volokhov.

the Central Bank was reminded of the restrictions are temporary and are valid until September 30, 2020.