Beauty and development: will Karelia North of Sochi?

Republic of Karelia celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of. June 8, 1920 was established the Karelian labor commune — national autonomy as part of the young Soviet state. Three years later, the commune was transformed into the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. The Republic of Karelia went to the big anniversary?

Amber trunks of pines, the miserly Northern sun, a lake similar to the sea, the gold of the ancient monasteries of Karelia — the region where its gain as the pilgrims, and adventurers. The nature here is generous on wonders. Here blooming Apple trees on Valaam — these trees are over 200 years old. They can not bear fruit, but bear fruit. In the monastery explain: planted Holy elders.

Kizhi — world heritage. 22 the Church domes glistening in the sun with fresh shingles, the temple re-appears gaze without scaffolding. So far the only opportunity to get to Kizhi on lake Onega in the period of navigation. But soon the island will be accessible.

“Always Kizhi was perceived as an island that can be reached only “Comet”, and today we came on the road,” said Artur Parfenchikov, the head of Karelia.

30 kilometers of new roads to the coastal strip, then a half-mile to the ferry. Construction is in the framework of the Federal target project.

In its 100-year anniversary of Karelia suitable updated. Five years, a special state Commission created by the decree of the President, worked hard to ensure that life in the Republic has changed qualitatively. More than 500 projects during this time have been implemented in various spheres from economy to culture.

a Commission Headed by Secretary of the security Council Nikolai Patrushev. One of the results of work — the new terminal of the airport of Petrozavodsk. Modern, built with the highest safety standards and at the same time very cozy. The first passengers will take in July. Can serve up to three hundred people per hour.

Revived by Onega shipbuildingrepair shipyard. Three years obankrocheny factory was not working, failed to start again — and here the enterprise is provided with orders for a long time.

“there is a new production, where the need for new skilled workers, the workplace is the potential that today is a very important and necessary for the development of the Republic of Karelia,” — said Valentina Pivnenko, a state Duma Deputy, member of the State Commission for the preparation of the 100th anniversary of Karelia.

One of the many Karelian cities – Segezha — literally came to life after the modernization of pulp and paper mill. Now it is a powerful enterprise with ambition and was raised from the ruins.

“a Huge territory, all in ruins, all the buildings in which you can safely remove the battle of Stalingrad. Of course, during this period of time has done a lot. When will be built near the new mill, it will be the jewel of the Republic”, — said Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK “Sistema”.

Besovy a deal is a rock on the shore of the White sea, are covered with petroglyphs. Over the ancient rock paintings are now building a protective pavilion. And in a new presidential cadet school in Petrozavodsk, it is also opened under the state program — recruited boys.

the Karelia complex political and military history. Finnish troops were on the side of Nazi Germany, in 1941, broke through the defense of the Republic, she was liberated by the Soviet army only in 1944.

One of the key became Tolochinskaya rescue operation.

“Squadron troopers were able to sneak along the Bank and landed with such a suddenness that was captured by Finns, who moved down the road and not expected to meet Russian. In the development of this operation was attended by the uncle of our President, captain second rank Ivan shelomov, he for this operation was awarded the order of the great Patriotic war of the first degree,” said Alexander Osiev, the Chairman of the Karelian Republican public organization of search and perpetuation of victims at protection of Fatherland “Union of search groups of Karelia.”

Ivan Shelomov — the man who saved his sister and the President’s mother, Maria Putin from starvation during the blockade. And in history family and in history Ivan Shelomov played an important role. Tolochinskaya operation reached all your goals. It is considered one of the most successful amphibious operations of the Soviet Navy in the war.

In the Republic of Karelia with respect to its history. Here’s a winter’s cottage on the shore of lake Ladoga is the period of the Grand Duchy of Finland. Dr. Gustav winter, — the head physician of the hospital in the town of Sortavala was a passionate gardener. Trees and shrubs brought from all over the world, still grow here, and the country doctor became a Museum. Adjacent to the Cape Taruniemi — cottages for tourists. 10 minute boat ride and find yourself face to face with wildlife and surrounded by lake Ladoga skerries.

Dumas while traveling in these places, talked about Ladoga: “This is a very beautiful woman with a very bad character.” Roerich admired these places, the outlines could see the faces of people and animal figures. One of the rocks called Hawk – perhaps because of this protrusion, shaped like a beak.

the Tourist season in Karelia is not yet open, the guests are waiting for the lifting of restrictions. And hotels are already preparing for the reception of guests, most rooms are booked for July.

“Guests call all the time want to come again and again the Hotel is very popular. Located close to many attractions — and the island of Valaam and Ruskeala canyon, and our famous waterfalls,” said Larisa Safonova, Manager of the hotel “Point on the map.”

the concept of the hotel “Point on map” designed specifically for these places. Increments of 100-150 kilometers around the ring around lake Ladoga. Two hotel work, third postRoen and ready to run, two more in the project. Everything here is under be restrained the Karelian nature: eco-friendly finishes, materials and prices.

This is a serious investment in the region, contribute to the tremendous tourist potential of Karelia. 60 thousand lakes, 27 thousand rivers, out to sea, fish wealth. The area 18 times the size of Cyprus, and only a small part of forests. A mighty spruce, tearing up pine trees, juniper bushes, an abundance of mushrooms and berries. The hour flight from Moscow, even less from Petersburg, the proximity to Europe. This point on the map waiting for their tourists. And many have appreciated. And come to Karelia again and again to breathe fresh air, enjoy the views, ride through the woods on ATVs.

In plans to build in the town of Rutty ski complex landscape allows, there is good elevation and unique microclimate, every winter a stable snow cover.

“We need to make North of Sochi. People love skiing. The Finns across the border — the ski centre. There every year to relax more than a million people. Here in Karelia today is not enough” — said Viktor Stepanov, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Karelia.

the Main capital of Karelia is, of course, people. And investments in people here, already bearing fruit. Youth center in Sortavala has five years. It involved children of the entire city. The choice is rich: astronomy, design, cooking, pottery, journalism, photography, painting, music. Everything is free, the costs borne by the Creator of the youth center, the Bank “Russia”.

the Centre is a modern building of Northern architecture, it was built right at the pier on the site of the demolished beer stalls and called a “Serdobol”, as used to be called a city. And during his work Sortavala was really serdobolye have happened mental changes. Subsided juvenile delinquency, the house became more beautiful, well-groomed territory. The centre has given the city new life and gave a new meanings.

“This new format centers, where a lot of equipment where you can keep up with the times, despite the fact that you live in a small town, to be confident and to acquire skills and knowledge that, perhaps, children living in big cities do not always have the opportunity to receive”, — said General Director of the youth center Nina vohmyanina.

“Serdobol” became a meeting place for not only children but also parents, the center of attraction for intellectuals of Sortavala. As teachers are residents of the city, special education is not required, a person he was passionate and could inspire children. The child is free to your preferences, you can try everything and at any time to change, say, a chess club for club DJs. One of the main tasks “Serdobol” is to teach children to do something independently, including the choice. So the character is tempered, and he in Karelia meets nature: strict, Northern and proud.

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