The federal party conference of the AfD, which begins on Friday, will take place without the delegates of the Berlin state association. According to WELT information, the Berlin district court on Thursday rejected an urgent application by the Berlin AfD state board against a judgment by the AfD federal arbitration court on Wednesday.

The Federal Arbitration Court confirmed a ruling by the Berlin State Arbitration Court on May 9 of this year. The state arbitration court had accused the chair of the June 2021 state party conference of having subsequently put three candidates on the already closed list of candidates.

The Berlin AfD state chairwoman Kristin Brinker confirmed to WELT that the district court had rejected the urgent application. The majority of the Berlin delegates belong to the moderate wing within the party. According to WELT information, the Berlin state board had unanimously opposed the decision of the Federal Arbitration Court across flow boundaries.

At the Berlin AfD state party conference in June 2021, the vice federal chairwoman of the AfD, Beatrix von Storch, worked to ensure that further candidates for the delegate election were put on the electoral list when it had already been closed: according to the judgment available to WELT of the Federal Arbitration Court. This judged without hearing witnesses and without hearing.

“The attacks on me in connection with the Berlin delegates for the AfD federal party conference are factually wrong and politically motivated,” said von Storch after the judgment of the Federal Arbitration Court on Wednesday. Von Storch rejected the allegations: the chairman of the meeting did not add any candidates to the list of proposals after it was closed.

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