Cardiologists USA: the gold standard heart rate does not exist

heart rate (HR) is a physiological indicator of the normal rhythm of the heartbeat. It reflects the number of contractions that the heart makes per minute, and normally coincides with the pulse (amount of extension of the artery per minute in the moments of ejection of blood by the heart).

Doctors believe that on average people have a resting heart rate should be 60-80 beats per minute.

However, a new study by scientists from the USA showed that this is not so. In fact, normal heart rate in different people can vary by tens of beats per minute.

the largest of its kind analysis, the experts examined data on more than 92 thousand people who wore a device that tracks heart rate, on average, for 320 days. The average age of volunteers was 46 years.

the Authors evaluated the heart rate variability at rest in participants over time, and found that it ranges from 40 to 109 beats per minute. The range of almost 70 beats per minute turned out to be unexpectedly wide, the researchers recognized.

Average heart rate was 65.5 beats per minute. While in men, it often ranged from 50 to 80 beats per minute, and for females from 53 to 82 beats per minute.

Cardiologists, by the way, took into account factors that could affect heart rate (age, gender, body mass index, daily average sleep duration, Smoking, levels of physical activity). Taken together, these factors accounted for less than 10% of the observed differences.

Also revealed small seasonal fluctuations: the value of heart rate was, on average, slightly higher in January and lower in July.

Another interesting observation: every fifth person in short periods of time (about a week) heart rate at rest was different from the “personal norm” to ten or more beats per minute.

in addition, in women, the variability of heart rate was higher than men, which may be associated with hormonal changes during eachDogo of the month.

These data indicate the need for further research, longer-term, experts say.

well as doctors it is important to understand can daily tracking of heart rate of a person at rest to facilitate the early identification of clinically important physiological changes.

it turns out that now the cardiologists no “gold standard”. That is, in the case where the doctor measures the heart rate of the patient and sees that it is (seemingly) normal 70 beats per minute, this can be a major deviation from the “personal norm” of this particular patient.

Scientific article on the results of this work are presented in the journal PLOS ONE.

by the Way, before “Conduct.Science” told about the new system of monitoring cardiac activity, “Packed” in the toilet seat and the camera, which calculates the heart rate in a contactless manner.

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Text: To.Science